Having grown up in Burgundy, France, Gregory Darcy’s background is related to the following studies:

  • Expressive Dance with teacher Elise Ralston in Berlin Tanzfabrik
  • Fine Art with teacher M. Mendras at Les Beaux Arts, Paris
  • Aerospace, Master of Science with final thesis at Houston - N.A.S.A.
  • Film Analysis with teacher P. Berthomieu at University Paris VII

After his master of science, he worked as a director assistant for Radio Fiction (France Inter), and as director assistant in the Music Video Industry with experienced directors (Jaco Van Dormael, Rodolphe Pauly) and gained experience in the short and feature film industry (Evelyne Dress, Claude Zidi).

He worked and lived in different countries (USA, France, UK, Germany), and experienced various techniques like 35 mm film, video, pastel, acrylic, ink, digital photography and poems associated to sketches and paintings.

Since 2010, he has been working as a free-lance choreographer and filmmaker mainly in Germany.

In 2010 he received the support of the German foundation EVZ (Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft) and of the Humboldt University Berlin to create the art video “Tanz mit der Dunkelheit”. At this occasion he was offered a film premiere and exhibition at the Freies Museum in Berlin.

In 2015 he received the support of the foundation „Bürgerstiftung Kernen“ and the film production company „dig it! media“ for the postproduction of his film „Menschen“ (Human Beings).

In 2016 he received the support the Ministry for Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg for his dance project „Menschen tanzen“ (Human Beings Dance).

Selected Exhibitions & Events


Altes Schauspielhaus Stuttgart, Festival "Made in Stuttgart", Dance Performance "Menschen tanzen"

Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Festival "Französische Wochen", Dance Performance "Menschen tanzen" 

Festival "Stadt im Fluß - Stadt der Frauen" Esslingen, Dance Projekt "Reversibel"

Straßenkunstfestival STRAKU Esslingen, Dance Performance "Would You dance with Me?" 

Festival "Inklusion ohne Grenze" Waiblingen, Dance Performance "Tanz mit der Schönheit"


SWR TV Reportage, Landesschau Baden-Württemberg, Dance Performance "Menschen tanzen"

Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, Multi-Media Reportage (Film, Text, Photos), Dance Performance  "Tanz mit der Schönheit“

Cultural Center Dieselstrasse, Esslingen, Dance Performance „Tanz mit der Schönheit“ 

"Neuland - UNESCO International Day Against Racism 2017" - Freiburg E-Werk, Dance Performance "Menschen tanzen"

Ludwigsburg (college) and Esslingen (adult education center),  dance workshop „Tanz auf fremdem Terrain“ with special guests (musicians and dancers) from all over the world (India, Africa, Asia, Europa)


2016/2015: Art Film „Menschen" shown in fifteen german cinemas (cities including Berlin, Freiburg, Munich, Ludwigsburg, Kassel etc.)

Modern Art Museum ZKM Karlsruhe, Group Exhibition, Tag der offenen Tür: Art Film „Menschen", Performance „Menschen tanzen" und dance workshop „Tanz auf fremdem Terrain". Premiere

City Art Museum Städtische Galerie (Karlsruhe), Group Exhibition „Frontex | Schutzbefohlene | Menschen" (with works from Franz Ackermann and Elfriede Jelinek):  Art Videos, „Menschen 1", „Menschen 2", „Menschen 3"

32. Kasseler Dokfest Film Festival (Kassel), official selection: Art Film „Menschen"

Festival „Made in Stuttgart", JES Theater Stuttgart: Art Film „Menschen" und Performance „Menschen tanzen"

Evangelische Kirche Kernen, Group Exhibition „himmelleicht-erdenschwer", Art Video „The Third Eye"

SWR Fernsehen (german TV channel), Interview and Film Trailer„Menschen"

Babylon Kino Berlin, Art Film „Menschen" with film Music live von Echo Jazz winner Johanna Borchert

Ludwigsburg Intercultural Festival, Opening Show, Performance „Menschen tanzen"


Modern Art Museum ZKM Karlsruhe (Kubus), Group Exhibition „Globale" , Art Film „Menschen"

Glockenkelter Kernen, film „Menschen", Film Premiere

Potsdam - Babelsberg, german peace organisation A.S.F., Performance & art film „Tanz mit der Dunkelheit"


Glockenkelter Kernen, Performance & Art Film „Tanz mit der Dunkelheit", Performance Premiere

Freies Museum Berlin, Group Exhibition Memo_Raising, Art Film „Tanz mit der Dunkelheit", Film Premiere.